RDCC Delivers New Set of Policy Recommendations to Promote More Streamlined and Effective Early Diagnosis of Rare Diseases

The Rare Disease Company Coalition (RDCC) has issued a new resource outlining a set of policy recommendations that would change the nature of rare disease diagnosis in the United Sates. The recommendations find basis in the fact that the earlier patients receive an accurate diagnosis, the better their chances are of accessing effective therapies.

In issuing this new resource, the RDCC calls on policymakers and regulators to better implement existing technology and proven public health programs to ensure the healthcare system keeps pace with innovation. In modernizing the system, these policy solutions will not only ensure patients can access new therapies when needed most, but also promote the more rapid adoption of new discoveries.

The new resource also includes details on how government entities can evolve to better support early diagnosis through improved collaboration and communication. Increasing coordination and streamlining practices throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem will better equip providers and specialists to make accurate diagnosis and care for rare disease patients.

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Enabling Earlier Rare Disease Diagnosis