As rare disease companies work to find equitable, sustainable solutions for patients, we believe that it is paramount that accessibility be top of mind from concept through testing, development, and distribution. Even the most innovative and effective rare disease treatments are only as valuable as they are accessible. Accessibility must be considered at every stage of drug development to ensure solutions that work for all patients. We will continue to promote policies that encourage fair access so that all rare disease patients who are able to benefit from the new innovations have an opportunity to do so.

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Congress Can Unite to Help Kids Living with Rare Diseases
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Groups Hope New Congress Will Pass Bipartisan Bills Centered on Rare Diseases
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New Study Finds Patient Access to Rare Disease Drugs Would Decline Sharply Under Proposals to Limit Medicaid Reimbursements
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RDCC Urges Swift Action to Reauthorize PDUFA in Letter to Congressional Leaders
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Comments Submitted to Colorado PDAB on Draft Proposed Rule Concerning the Affordability Review of Prescription Drugs
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Featured Policy Positions

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Accelerated Approval

The FDA’s accelerated approval pathway recognizes that a “one-size-fits-all” traditional model for the approval of new medicines doesn’t  always work – especially for rare diseases. This well-established, proven, scientifically rigorous path forward enables rare disease companies to make promising new and improved treatments available to patients at the earliest possible point in time for use in life-threatening and serious rare diseases.

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Capturing the Unique Perspective of Rare Disease in Value Assessment

Value-assessment must account for the rarity, severity and progression of the disease throughout a patient’s life. It is imperative that inclusive methods be utilized to restore equity and patient focus when capturing value for rare disease patients. The development of alternative methods for value frameworks must be developed to accurately define how value is calculated for rare disease patients, including encouraging real-world data, prioritizing patient outcomes over payer costs, valuing innovative trial design, advancing health equity, and rejecting foreign price controls.

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Cross-state Medicaid Access

Limiting Medicaid coverage for viable treatments would have a devastating impact on patients and create a greater healthy equity divide–all while resulting in limited and insignificant budget savings. 

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What They Said

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